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Top 13 Places to Eat and Drink in London

Finding London's vibrant food and drink scene is a delightful journey filled with countless options. From innovative restaurants in unique settings to top-notch bars offering exceptional drinks, the capital city has something to satiate every palate.

London's dynamic food and drink scene thrives on constant evolution, with chefs pushing boundaries to create hot spots buzzing with excitement. Long queues are not uncommon as these establishments compete to outdo each other.

While keeping up with the ever-changing landscape is challenging, we have some excellent recommendations for visitors to this vibrant city. Living in London for many years, we've explored countless culinary delights.

Here's our curated list of where to eat and drink in London.

1. Oxeye, Leamouth Peninsula

Located in central London, Oxeye draws culinary inspiration from the bountiful British farms and countryside. Chef Sven-Hanson Britt offers a single-tasting menu celebrating world-class produce.

2. The Distillery, Notting Hill

A four-floor mecca for discerning drinkers, The Distillery features acclaimed gin-blending experiences, agave masterclasses, and in-depth whiskey tastings, all in a relaxed setting.

3. Dishoom, Carnaby

With five locations and a Bombay 1949 ambience, Dishoom is a popular Indian restaurant in London. Signature dishes like Black Daal, Bacon Naan Roll, and hot chai are must-tries.

4. Smokestak, Shoreditch

Amidst the American barbecue trend, Smokestak stands out as a must-visit spot, offering delectable brisket buns, pork ribs, and an unforgettable sticky toffee pudding.

5. Angelina, Dalston

Combining Italian and Japanese cuisines, Angelina surprises with informal tasting menus that challenge perceptions and delight taste buds with innovative flavours.

6. London Shell Co., Multiple Locations

Step aboard the Grand Duchess or Prince Regent for a charming seafood-centric meal, cruising through North West London's historic canals or mooring at Paddington Central.

7. Brawn, Hoxton

Adopting the essence of the London dining experience, Brawn boasts a trendy and rustic ambience, exciting small plates, and delightful cocktails.

8. Sam Saa, Spitalfields

Offering bold and spicy Northern Thai cuisine, Sam Saa delivers unique flavours, with their whole fried fish as a must-try highlight.

9. Bar Termini, Soho

Transporting guests to 1950s Italy, Bar Termini offers traditional Italian coffees, aperitifs, digestives, and a delectable selection of small plates.

10. Fat Pundit, Berwick St, London

With locations in Soho and Covent Garden, Fat Pundit specializes in small-plate Indo-China cuisine featuring Kolkata's bold, sweet, and spicy flavours.

11. The Princess of Shoreditch, Hackney

A bustling traditional pub, The Princess of Shoreditch is a Sunday favourite, serving a fantastic roast with options like pork belly, lamb shoulder, striploin, or vegetarian.

12. Blacklock, Soho, City, and Shoreditch

Perfect for group dining, Blacklock impresses with the all-in combo of pork, lamb, and beef piled high with all the trimmings, making it the ultimate Sunday roast.

13. Mestizo, Hampstead Rd, London

One of London's finest Mexican restaurants, Mestizo, serves authentic flavours from Mexico City, including the must-try molcajete and an excellent selection of tequila and mezcal.

London's culinary landscape offers a diverse array of dining and drinking experiences. From innovative restaurants to charming pubs, the city promises an exciting gastronomic journey for locals and visitors alike.


London's food and drink scene is a fascinating blend of diverse flavours and settings. From top-notch restaurants to charming bars, the capital offers a culinary adventure, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and travellers alike.

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